The ARC Platform

Building Community-Based

Mental Health Programs


We Help Communities

Identify & assess their Mental Health learning needs & their existing healing resources and practices

Design & build Mental Health Programs using concepts taken from Attachment Theory, Dialogue Education, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Contemplative Science

Develop & deploy an appropriate strategy adapted for their culture & context

Evaluate & refine their MH program & strategy to sustain its impact long term

Tools & Resources Include

Assessment models & the tools to adapt them to their culture & contex

A digital apothecary containing 90 evidenced-based exercises using 7 different approaches covering 10 cbt topics able to create 4000+ different interventions

Links to global mental health innovations & networks to learn their deployment strategies

Mental Health action plans from global mental health organizations such as the World Health Organization

This step begins with the group listening to a guided process called the Wheel of Awareness, developed by Dr. Daniel Siegel. This is an exercise where the person intentionally learns to differentiates sources of information which their minds & bodies are recognizing & attempting to regulate.

Next the process builds on the previous exercise by using a bridging step called the “Three I Ams”. Participants are encouraged to see what information their bodies & thoughts are revealing at the present moment. They then form three “I am…” statements that are later shared aloud with the group.

Lastly, the group listens to a series of learning tasks that help to identify cognitive distortion that disrupts a person’s capacity to regulate their thoughts & emotions. Cognitive Behavioral techniques are introduced to effectively manage cognitive distortion when it arises.