The ARC Platform

“Our stories make the best prayers.”  – Andrew Taylor-Troutman
The ARC Platform

The ARC Platform is designed to build a partnership between local Mental Health Workers, Trauma Recovery NGOs, and a traumatized refugee population globally. Below are three distinct portals, each with its own set of collaborative tools, to help such a refugee population participate to design, build, and assess their own culturally-valid trauma recovery program.

Design & Build

The tools found in the Design & Build portal enable refugees to work alongside local Mental Health workers to create their own culturally-valid trauma interventions. The interventions are designed for small group setting of 6-8 persons. For however long it takes, the interventions gently encourage group members to turn towards rather than away from their emotional wounds.


For a culturally-valid mental health program to reach its full potential, a traumatized refugee population also must consider its context. The Deploy portal’s tools teach refugees strategic ways to develop meaningful dialogue in assessing their context, considering the impact of their own socio-cultural values, and addressing their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.


Where the other two portals focus on building an effective trauma recovery program, the Assess portal is different. First, it encourages the traumatized population to assess whether their approaches developed in the first two portals are effective. Second, it encourages clinicians, educators, political scientists, sociologists, Trauma Recovery NGOs etc. build a community of practice to help improve the Platform.

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*** PLEASE NOTE: The ARC Platform’s eCourses in the Design & Build portal are designed for those refugees who have been thoroughly screened. Refugees whose screening indicate they are suffering from more severe forms of personality disorders should not participate! ***